Siomai overload

10 05 2008

Last friday, I rushed to work to get my training allowance and meet my wavemates. We then decided to eat at Dimsum n Dumplings Shopwise as everyone’s hungry. I went for the ALL YOU CAN EAT SIOMAI for 139 PHP. The siomai was good, however I’m not a siomai expert so don’t take my word for it. I love dipping it in chili paste – soy sauce – calamansi extract combination and fortunately for me Dimsum n Dumplings also has unlimited supply of each. The Yang Chow rice tasted bland and dry though as always. This is the reason why I did not choose the ALL YOU CAN EAT SIOMAI & YANG CHOW RICE for 179 PHP.

I had 2 refills aside from the 4 siomai with my first order. I ended up being cranky during the training (sorry Eve and my wavemates) as my body longed for a comfortable bed after that siomai overload.

The Dimsum n Dumplings place in Shopwise Cubao is small, about 14 seats are available inside the shop and 8 seats outside. So better consider if your eating with your whole team or with the extended family.




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