Got milk(tea)?

11 05 2008

What happens when you mix tea and evaporated milk, add gulaman crystals and chill the mixture with (lots!) of ice cubes? Why you’ll get a bitter-sweet-creamy-refreshing beverage called Nai Cha. Just a little bit of history:

Hong Kong-style milk tea originates from British colonial rule over Hong Kong. The British practice of afternoon tea, where black tea with milk and sugar is served, became popular in Hong Kong. “Milk tea” is similar to the type of tea drunk in Britain, except that evaporated milk or condensed milk is used instead of ordinary milk. It is called “milk tea” (nai cha) to distinguish it from Chinese “tea” (cha). (from

The best Nai Cha that I tasted so far was from Chowking at 45 pesos for a large glass. Their’s always a great treat whichever Chowking branch I order. They have NEVER let my taste buds down. But hey I’m always on the hunt for the best tea or best milk tea for that matter. So if you think otherwise, I’m open to suggestions.




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11 07 2008
Filipino Critique

Hi there. Chowking restaurants are not clean. I’m spreading this word to all who should make it their business to make sure customers are served clean food in a very clean environment.

Copy and paste this link for more of this sad experience:

11 07 2008

Thanks for the info. I totally support your call for a serious customer service commitment from people in the food business. I’ve had my share of pinoy customer service horror stories. Fortunately for me, Chowking Philcoa (this is where i get my Nai Cha fix) is clean as far as my own personal experience is concerned.

21 09 2008

Our family’s favorite is Ersao’s pearl milk tea (Banawe, Abad Santos, West Avenue Branches etc). Before, Easyway’s milk tea was also good, but I don’t think it is available anymore because most of its branches closed down πŸ™‚

21 09 2008

Hi thanks for the tip and for visiting my blog. I’ll definitely check that one πŸ™‚

29 07 2009

Chowking’s Nai Cha is one of the best.. πŸ™‚

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