23 06 2008

samgyeopsal  After shift, I was hungry for Korean food, so I decided to try Bo Ja Jib, a Korean restaurant along Kalayaan Avenue in Quezon City. I ordered my usual ramyeon and tried their Samgyeopsal. It’s a popular Korean dish served with thin slices of pork belly flavored in garlic, salt, sesame oil and cooked on a grill much like your regular barbecue. Usually Korean restaurants have table grill s for this purpose but I was lazy so I asked them to have mine already grilled. To eat, get a slice of pork and place it inside a lettuce leaf (or any other leafy vegetable which comes with the order), add some boiled rice and ssamjang (a paste made from a mixture of korean chili paste and bean paste). They also added raw garlic which you can eat as it is or dip it in the ssamjang.

This Korean Restaurant also served banchan (side dishes) which comes free with the order. They served (from top left) radish kimchi, the regular kimchi, sauteed eggplant, spicy fried tofu and macaroni salad.

The panchan

Here’s the full order which cost me about 355 PHP (75 pesos for the ramyeon and 280 pesos for the samgyeopsal):

the korean spread




2 responses

19 08 2008

oist ang takaw mo ram =p

19 08 2008

hahaha tagal na nga akong di nakakapost :p busi busihan

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